Terms And Conditions


  1. BusBora.co.tz is an aggregator for online bus ticketing inventory. BusBora enables travelers to book bus tickets online right from the comfort of their home or office by providing them with choice of bus operators, departure time and prices. BusBora does not own or operate any bus services on its own.
  2. The arrival and departure times mentioned on the ticket are only tentative timings. Buses may be delayed due to some unavoidable reasons like traffic jams etc. However, the bus will not leave the source before the time that is mentioned on the ticket. Passengers are advised to call the bus operator contact number mentioned in the ticket and reconfirm the boarding point location and departure time on the day of journey.
  3. Passengers are required to show the following details at the time of boarding the bus. Failing to do so, they may not be allowed to board the bus.
    3.1. SMS of the ticket or Email.
    3.2. Some operators do not accept the electronic ticket formats. We provide the details of such operators while booking tickets on BusBora.co.tz In such case we request you to kindly carry a printout of the ticket.
    3.3. Proof of Identity (Voter Card, National ID, Driving License, passport or Work ID)
  4. The passengers should reach at the mentioned boarding points 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
  5. Any complaints/grievances should be reported in a week’s time from date of journey performed.
  6. A booking is considered confirmed if the booking confirmation page is shown to the customer, even if SMS/Email fails to deliver for any reason.
  7. If ticket confirmation/cancellation, SMS/Email, is not sent for any reason, if reported it can be resent by our support team. SMS/Email might fail to deliver or get delayed for several reasons which are not in BusBora control.
  8. Payment gateway/service charges -BusBora will not charge any additional payment gateway charge or service unless otherwise specified in the booking details page.


  1. Generation of a valid bus ticket through its partners/operators.
  2. Sending an SMS, Email for ticket confirmation/cancellation.
  3. Providing voice/email support for any ticket booking/cancellation/refund issues.


  1. Any incorrect data provided by customer while booking the ticket.
  2. Any Bus delays, breakdowns, service cancellations and accidents.
  3. Any misbehavior by the operator staff or co-passenger.
  4. Loss/damage of baggage.
  5. Late arrival by customer at the boarding point.
  6. Customer phone not reachable or operator did not call at the boarding point and left without picking the customer.
  7. Customer waiting at wrong boarding point.
  8. Any change of seat numbers done by the bus operator manually.
  9. Operator changing the boarding point for any reason.
  10. Operator objecting on carrying pets.
  11. Improper booking done by agent, please contact the agent directly.
  12. Operator not providing In-bus amenities/facilities mentioned while booking.
  13. Change of bus type by Bus operator for any reason.
  14. Bus fares are not controlled by BusBora, so any change in fares is not the responsibility of BusBora.
  15. The fare might vary based on the seat selected. So the fare shown in the “Search Page” and “Seat Selection Page” might vary.
  16. The rules and regulations for carrying luggage vary among bus operators. Most of the operators allow 15-20 Kgs of luggage (Bags, Suitcases) per passenger. Bus Operator has sole discretion to allow passenger to carry any other form of luggage like carton boxes etc. BusBora is not responsible in case passenger is not allowed to board the bus if the luggage is inappropriate (valuable goods, explosives, carton boxes etc) to carry in the bus. Please check with bus operator directly in case any extra luggage/carton boxes etc are being carried.


  1. The cancellation terms are different for each bus operator and are set by the bus operator itself. These terms are shown while booking as well as on the ticket printout/Email confirmation.
  2. Tickets booked online should be cancelled online only.
  3. BusBora.co.tz will charge a cancellation fee other than what the bus operator charges for every seat cancelled.
  4. Cancellation charges are applicable on original fare but not on the discounted fare. The cancellation charges are deducted from the collected/discounted fare and the balance is refunded.
  5. Some of the operators accept Partial Cancellation. Please go through the Cancellation Terms in the Ticket.
  6. Preponement or Postponement cannot be done once ticket is confirmed.
  7. Service Fee/are non-refundable for Ticket Cancellation/Service Cancellation.